Larose Regional Park and Civic Center

$10 Plan

A Community-Based Park Improvement Plan

The $10 Plan was established to allow all citizens an opportunity to donate whatever amount they could afford and help to establish the priorities for improvements in the Larose Regional Park. Through the years, many worthwhile projects have been paid for by monthly and yearly donors. The most popular donation has been about $120 per year, or $10 per month. There are no fancy gimmicks or names. The $10 plan is simply a plan to use $10 per month from many donors to accomplish whatever those donors wish to accomplish.

The first project funded by the $10 Plan was the 1/2 mile walking trail at a cost of $30,000. Approximately $260,000 worth of donations have followed! Projects completed with the funds from the $10 Plan since 1992.

What a great way to contribute to your community!

How to Join

Contact someone on the Civic Center staff at 985.693.7355. We will then put you on our mailing list and begin sending you monthly newsletters to keep you informed.

We will let you know about events of the Civic Center and the status of $10 Plan projects. At the beginning of each year, we publish a list of projects. Donors choose which projects will be undertaken by voting for their choices. We then fund each project as the donations are received.

Pay monthly, quarterly, twice a year or yearly by cash, check, credit card or bank draft. Credit cards accepted over the telephone.

Call 985-693-7355 today to join or pay online today in our store.

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